Hello world!

I decided to start this blog because I love to write, and I have recently been completely geeking out over researching my family history. Why not combine the two? Family members have been asking me about my research and this will be a great way to keep them informed. I plan to write about my ancestors as well as my experiences–successes and roadblocks–as a newbie genealogist.

My name is Holly Holbrook. I was named after my paternal grandfather, Hollis Holbrook. The story is told that upon hearing what my name was to be one of my aunts declared I should be called Hollyberry, and the nickname stuck within the family. It especially evokes warm memories of my maternal grandmother, Nana Marge (Marjorie Meckfessel), who always called me Hollyberry.

So, welcome family, friends, and other family history nuts, to the hollyberryblog. I look forward to reading your comments and sharing information.

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