Nana’s High School Class

Pierce Joint Union High School?This is a photo of students from Pierce Joint Union High School in Arbuckle, California. I believe this would have been taken around 1920. My grandmother, Marjorie Cain Hoffman Meckfessel (William John Clarke’s granddaughter) and her husband-to-be, my grandfather, John Hoffman, are pictured here (labeled–right on the photo–by some unknown relative). I love examining the clothes, shoes, and hairstyles in this photo. When I see this picture with so many of the boys wearing overalls, it reminds me of my own high school days in the ’70’s when I would show up at my grandmother’s house wearing my bib overalls–very much in style at the time–and she would shake her head with an expression that conveyed slight dismay and a lot of amusement, and say, “You look like you just got off the tractor.” I don’t think she ever understood why a young woman would choose overalls as a fashion, but she was always happy to see me, farm-yard apparel or no.

2 thoughts on “Nana’s High School Class

  1. Wow, I don’t think I would have recognized Nana without the label. I love the picture of her on the header on my blog (far left photo). I have lots more pictures of Grandpa John that I got from your mom.


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