My name is Holly Holbrook and I am a native of the San Francisco bay area. The main purpose of this blog to report on my family history research. My ancestors farmed in the northern part of California’s central valley for generations, primarily in Yolo, Colusa, and Sutter counties. Where they came from, how they ended up there and how they helped shape California’s  history is endlessly fascinating to me and hopefully it will be to you as well.

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  1. Kim Castro

    Hi! I was so excited to stumble onto your blog. I’ve recently gotten into family history. My deceased grandfather is a descendant of William Clarke and lived on the property that used to be his ranch. That painting of the ranch was always hanging in the house. I would love to get in touch with you!


  2. Hello!
    I am so excited to have stumbled into your page. I too am an Adam Hoffman descendant by way of the Rattlesnake Run Hoffman Farm in Jefferson County (Virginia) West Virginia. My mother was a Hoffman, and I too have a copy of the Lloyd Hoffman “The Hoffman Family, 200 Years in America”. I found the old farmstead south of Shepherdstown. I am slowly working to incorporate the places into a Google map.


    1. Wow! Great to hear from you. I’ve sadly neglected my blog, partly because I got so bogged down in all the Hoffman info! I should pick it up again. I’d love to see your map, if it’s viewable.


      1. I’d love to share it, but don’t want to make it widely public just yet. Do you have an email address I can send a link to? I poked around this site and could not find one. Do you have a Facebook account?


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